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The Awesome Ladies of White Collar

An Appreciation Community for the Ladies from the TV Show, White Collar

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Awesome Ladies of White Collar
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White Collar fandom is lucky to have many strong, important, and respected female characters and this is the place to celebrate them! That means any regular women featured in White Collar, such as Diana, Elizabeth and Sara, as well as those who may only appear in one or two episodes.

All genres of fic and fanart are welcome, including gen, femslash, het, and OT3, so long as the fic is focused the ladies of White Collar. We run regular events here, but please feel free to link to any fanworks that focus on White Collar women from the comm. Posting is currently moderated, but the mods promise to be as prompt as possible about approving posts.


All types of fan work are encouraged, including (but not limited to) fanfiction, fan art, fanvids, and fanmixes. All works should focus on one or more of White Collar’s female characters.

Please use the following header when posting your work. All HTML has been added. Just copy, fill in the info and paste:

AU works are permitted and encouraged as long as the work’s emphasis is primarily on White Collar and its female characters. Crossovers are also permitted, as long as they abide by all other rules of the comm.

Fiction based off real people and stories written in script format, however, are not allowed.

Character bashing is never permitted.

Spoiler Policy: Since White Collar has been complete for a while, there is no spoiler policy in effect.

All explicitly violent fics or prompts should also have a note to this effect at the top, and three spaces before the text or media. Not everyone wants to read this, so please let the readers know if this material will be in your fic! </b>

Please warn for anything that may be triggering to some readers, including dubcon, noncon, child abuse, drug addiction or use, self harm, body issues and eating disorders; for vids, jerky cam, quick scene changes, flashing lights, fast rotation, or any other common triggers for seizures. Triggering someone's PTSD, a seizure, or a migraine is no laughing matter, and as one of your mods has a seizure disorder and migraines, all such trigger warning violations will be taken very seriously. Repeated non-compliance is grounds for expulsion from the community.

Sexually explicit stories and prompts are very welcome but should be marked as such.

Prompts or stories that break the above rules will be deleted.

Do feed your authors and artists with feedback! They’re awesome, so let them know it!

Please also feel free to pimp this comm! We have an awesome banner here (no hotlinking, please).

Please leave any questions you might have as a comment on this post or PM one of your co-mods, sahiya and esgeee.


Rules for Promptfests:

Currently, there are no active promptfests.

Prompts can be as vague or as detailed as you want, but please note that prompts should not be “negative.” Please focus on who you want in a story, rather than on who you don’t want, and be respectful of both our White Collar ladies and your fellow fest participants.

Posting completed stories to our AO3 collection is encouraged but not required.

Anonymous prompts are permitted but not required. It is easier if you have an email or LJ account though.

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